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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IR FeverScreen™?

IR FeverScreen™ is a rapid screening system that measures body temperature of people entering your facility. Using state-of-the art thermal imaging technology and trained thermographers, IR FeverScreen™ can help to quickly identify potentially feverish individuals.

How Does IR FeverScreen™ Work?

Thermal imaging is a harmless imaging technology that utilizes a camera-like device to detect and display the thermal patterns and temperatures across the surface of an object. By imaging a person’s face, IR FeverScreen™ can identify individuals who are exhibiting an elevated body temperature.

Is IR FeverScreen™ Dangerous?

No. Our thermal imagers, also known as infrared cameras, are completely passive and emit no harmful radiation. It’s just like someone taking your photograph with a digital camera but without the annoying flash.

Can IR FeverScreen™ Equipment See Through My Clothes?

The thermal imagers used in our IR FeverScreen™ system only show thermal patterns across the surface of exposed skin or clothing. They cannot see through garments, eyeglasses, or into a person’s body.

Are Any Special Preparations Necessary?

In order to ensure accurate measurements, you will be asked to stand still at a fixed spot for a few seconds while looking at the IR FeverScreen™ imager. Prior to imaging, you should remove any hats, scarves, eyeglasses, or materials that cover your face. You may put these items back on once you have been imaged.

What Happens if I Exhibit an Elevated Body Temperature?

There are certain situations that can cause a healthy person to exhibit an elevated body temperature. Should you exhibit an elevated temperature, you may be asked to have your temperature taken by another means to confirm that you do not have a fever.

Can IR FeverScreen Detect COVID-19?

Because IR FeverScreen™ can detect elevated body temperature, it is an effective means to rapidly identify people who may have a fever. Additional confirmation using contact thermometry and examination by a healthcare professional are required for a medical diagnosis.

Can IR FeverScreen™ Guarantee That I Won’t Get Sick?

Unfortunately, no one can tell you when you will get sick. IR FeverScreen™ is a means for determining elevated body temperature at the moment of testing. It cannot provide a guarantee of future health.

Will IR FeverScreen™ Prevent Illness?

IR FeverScreen™ is a diagnostic tool, not a treatment. It is a powerful resource intended to help keep the public safe by alerting us to those who could be at risk of transmitting infections.

What About Privacy Issues?

IR FeverScreen™ does not record any personally-identifiable or confidential information. We do not share any of our information or imagery with others.

What Should I Do If I Have a Fever?

Persons with a fever should contact their healthcare provider for a diagnosis and advice on an appropriate course of treatment.