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IR FeverScreen™ – Protecting the Health and Safety of Your Workplace

IR FeverScreen™ is a rapid screening system that measures body temperature of people entering your facility.  Using state-of-the art thermal imaging technology and trained thermographers, IR FeverScreen™ can help to quickly identify potentially feverish individuals.

Protecting Worker Health

Many communicable diseases, including COVID-19, cause an increase in human body temperature. With the ability to quickly and remotely identify persons with an elevated body temperature, you can help to prevent the spread of disease to others in your facility.

Normal Temperature

Normal Temperature

Normal Temperature

Fever Detected

Normal Temperature

Fever Detected

How it Works

Thermal imaging is a harmless, nondestructive imaging technology that utilizes a camera-like device to detect and display the thermal patterns and temperatures across the surface of an object. By imaging a person’s face, we can identify individuals who are exhibiting an elevated body temperature.

IR FeverScreen™ Benefits

  • Completely passive
  • Quick and convenient
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Certified Infrared Thermographers
  • Instantaneous results
  • Remote imaging ensures adequate social distancing
Exit Only
Exit Only
IR FeverScreen™ Station Here
IR FeverScreen™ Station Here

The IR FeverScreen™ Setup

By placing our thermal imagers at entrances to, or checkpoints within a facility, people can be rapidly screened before they enter and mingle with others. Persons exhibiting an elevated body temperature can be asked to have their temperature taken using contact thermometry in order to confirm that they have a fever.


Theaters, stadiums and arenas, bars and restaurants, entertainment venues
Court houses, government buildings, schools and universities
Hospitals, skilled nursing/rehabilitation and healthcare facilities
Security checkpoints, airports, transportation terminals and stations
Maufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers
Office buildings, retail stores and shopping malls

The IR FeverScreen™ Advantage

Although thermal imaging equipment is relatively easy to operate, it is not a ‘point and shoot’ technology. Obtaining accurate results depends upon proper selection and use of equipment as well as proper interpretation of imagery.

Our IR FeverScreen™ equipment is operated by highly experienced certified infrared thermographers using thermal imagers appropriate for human body temperature measurement. With our IR FeverScreen™ service, we provide all equipment along with the qualified operators, thereby enabling you to get up and running quickly with no capital investment.

We can also assist you in purchasing your own equipment and train your staff to use it properly.

Always Hire an Expert

The current pandemic has created a great deal of confusion and provided opportunities for unscrupulous opportunists. In business since 1984, we have the expertise required to set up a safe and effective IR fever screen program that will help protect the wellbeing of your employees and the public.
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